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Christian Counseling in St. Cloud, MN



When you hurt there is hope


In a world of so many choices and complexities, things can become confusing when relationships are strained. We can look in so many places for answers, reaching for solutions from various sources.

Christian counseling is rooted in the knowledge that God is always reaching out to us. When we are hurting and in need of help, remembering that God is the source of wholeness can set us on the path to healing and growth.

Christian counseling begins with the good news revealed in Jesus Christ and sustained in the Holy Spirit. Simply defined, Christian counseling offers psychotherapeutic interventions to those who understand their world through their identity as Christians. A Christian counselor helps enrich this Christian identity by guiding clients through difficult issues, relying on the Holy Spirit to bring healing.


Free Phone Consultation:


Choosing the right Christian therapist can be a difficult task. To respond to this, all of our therapists offer a free initial 15-minute phone consultation. Please call the center at (320) 253-3540  to request this initial free discussion. Evening appointments are available.